Barber Services

Men's haircut - $30+

Youth haircut (ages 15 and under) - $20+

Shape up - $15+

Beard trim - $15+

Hair color and cut - $95+

Standard shave - including hot towEl - $40+ 

Grooming Packages

Signature shave - $40+

This is a 3 step process with vitamin enriched serum that allows your barber to perform the closest shave possible. A spa steamer to raise the hairs which gives a clean shave and mini facial to relax the muscles.  

Signature Shave and Cut - $65+

The ultimate pamper treatment for men!  This package includes a haircut and style accompanied by a relaxing shampoo experience.  You do not stop here.  After, you will be lounged back in our comfortable barber chairs to get a relaxing shave that has a steamer to give you the "spa treatment" you will never forget!  

Royal cut and shave - $75+

This service is a cut above the rest. After you have received your signature cut and shave with a mini facial, the "Royal" treatment will continue. Next is the mask application. This mask visibly minimizes the appearance of pores and blackheads. It absorbs excess oils, and gently exfoliates the skin for a bright and radiant appearance. This will minimize any redness of the skin due to irritation. Afterward a soothing moisturizer will be massaged into the skin, and finally a cool towel is used to close up the pores. This is a service you will not forget. Treat yourself and feel like Royalty!